Business strategy validation

Case study
Company Size
75k+ employees
Social Media
The question

How much brand lift and market differentiation will adding a new feature to our product give us?


In-depth qualitative / prototype testing

•Are our assumptions about this audience correct? Do we fully and clearly understand their needs, concerns, and pain points?

Which parts of our assumptions are incorrect and how should we shift our thinking?

What is this audience’s initial feedback on our new product?

Quantitative / Monadic Concept Testing / Max diff

•Of 3 revised options from qualitative, which one will appeal to the highest number of users?

•Which of the 3 will increase use cases?

•Which of the 3 will have the greatest lift on brand perception and help distinguish the product from key competitors?


Revised version of product based on iterative feedback.
A set of current guidelines on what this market wants and why they need it.
A set of benchmarks for how much a new product should lift brand perception and increase usership for it to be a viable option to move forward with.
Evidence-based answer to what the company should build, who they should build it for, and why they should be doing it.