Showing changes in the marketplace

Case study
Company Size
500+ employees
Outdoor adventure sports
Outdoor adventure
The question

How has the emergence of the electric bike and scooter disrupted current retail patterns and created new markets for gear and apparel in outdoor adventure sports?


- Desk research -

Should we be paying attention to the rise of the electrification of micro-mobility; that is, it it a large enough movement that it will impact the future of our business?

•Simple answer: Yes (demonstrated through CAGRs, future trajectories, competitors who are moving into the market, etc.)

- Ethnographic research -

Then what do we need to know about this market to be successful?

•Where are we going? What is the end goal? 

•Why are we going there? 

•How do we get there?


Clear picture of what had shifted in the marketplace.

What the new goal looks like for bringing in more customers, satisfying existing ones, and increasing growth.