Solve business anomalies

Case study
United States
Company Size
100-500 employees
Healthy food & beverage
Retail stores
Online shopping
Health foods
The question

Why didn’t sales return after COVID in the way that we had predicted them to?


- Desk research

How has consumption behavior around healthy foods and beverages changed since COVID?  

- Ethnographic research

What does the marketplace look like in a post-COVID world?

  • How has perception around health and wellness changed?
  • What are the primary concerns around living a healthier lifestyle?
  • How are people meeting those needs today?
  • Where are people most frustrated?


A clear understanding of how consumption around health and wellness has changed and where the company had failed to shift their product based on new market needs.
Strategy on product, marketing, and channel distribution to provide women with better information, access to product, and overall shopping experience.