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Custom Research Solutions to help innovative companies thrive in complex marketplace.

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Find new markets

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Academic rigor to create bespoke research plans

Assess what a company needs to be competitive and thrive in today’s marketplace and create a research plan that will give them the clarity needed to make strategic moves

Convert insights into business solutions

Research is simply the tool we use to propose solutions for business strategy

Use data to create spaces for innovation and opportunity

Rely on insights to illuminate new and hidden problems in the marketplace that lack solutions


"I commissioned Amy to support me with many global projects while I was at Facebook and WhatsApp. As a mixed method researcher, Amy was able to pull from a wide range of methods to creatively address the business need. She takes time to listen for context and understand the business need before diving into the project. Amy approaches everyone with a solution-oriented attitude and delivers actionable insights. She is dependable, creative, humble, personable, genuine, and resourceful. I would highly recommend Amy".

Lesle Litton, Director of Consumer Research


“Amy’s dedication and commitment to understanding our unique needs and goals were unparalleled, and her ability to effectively communicate her findings and recommendations was instrumental in our success. We are greatly appreciative of the invaluable contributions she has made to our organization and highly recommend her expertise to any business seeking to optimize its market positioning.”

Saqib Rasool, CEO of Conceivian


Amy’s qualitative research was instrumental in helping us better understand how our customers evolved during the recent pandemic and the underlying reasons for new behaviors around health & wellness and shopping patterns.  Amy helped us uncover key insights into our customers’ needs and preferences so that we could make strategic adjustments to our offering, marketing and communication strategy, and channel choices

Chris Lansing, Executive in Residence


Amy applies her strong strategic leadership and academic rigor to dissecting and solving unique problems. One of Amy’s specialties is articulating the shifting dynamics of categories and exposing emerging market opportunities. Whether a brand is swimming in too much information and needs clarity to drive action, or lacks foundational knowledge of a category, Amy uncovers opportunities and provides clarity on how companies can address those opportunities in a brand-relevant way.

Aura Nelson, Head of Fan Insights

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We provide clarity to innovative organizations who are changing the world one great idea at a time.

Global enterprises

Help enterprises strengthen their business strategy, be it expanding their brand, recognizing new opportunities, increasing profit margins, or competing in new markets


Provide the insights that new companies need to create a solid business plan that investors will take seriously

Social Organizations

Use data driven insights to design business and organizational solutions to unique problems

global presence

Converting Global Presence into Global Competitive Advantage

Use data driven insights to design business and organizational solutions to unique problems

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