Founder’s background

In 2008, I conducted my doctoral research on the rise and success of women-only taxis: Pink Taxi companies across Europe and Latin America.

Problem in the marketplace to solve

Access to safe and trusted public transportation (a largely male dominated industry), yet they were responsible for 80% of the household errands and travel (picking up kids, getting to and from work, groceries, etc.).

In a nutshell, women had the highest need for transportation, but the lowest access to trusted and reliable forms of transit, because of high levels of gender-based violence (men harassing and physically assaulting women).


Company created women-only taxis: taxis driven by women who only pick up women, which fundamentally shifted the transportation industry.

Disruption in the marketplace

Regular taxi companies were forced to hire women drivers; technology emerged to help make women feel safer while traveling; and urban programs emerged to protect and celebrate women’s mobility.  

I have a deeply held belief that true world-saving ideas come from innovative companies that disrupt our current way of doing things and have since devoted my life to helping those companies thrive in complex and global marketplaces.

For the last 15-years, I’ve helped some of the largest global enterprises and organizations take on and solve some of the world’s greatest challenges and frustrations. Including: